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Privacy Policy

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Your Privacy  

Who We Are: This site, FactCheck.org, is owned and operated by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. We link to other web sites from FactCheck.org, and those other sites are not affiliated with us or subject to this Privacy Policy.

What We Collect : We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from you when you visit the FactCheck.org website. We do automatically collect IP addresses and web site usage information from you when you visit FactCheck.org. This information helps us evaluate how visitors use FactCheck.org on an aggregate basis, such as the number of overall visitors, the frequency of visitors, the length of visits, and the most popular features on the site. It does not tell us your name or anything about you as a person.

Notice to Email subscribers: Visitors may choose to receive our articles automatically by email by using the "Get FactChecks Automatically" feature on our home page. For those who choose to subscribe, we ask only for your email address. Once you have entered your address we will send a confirming message to that address, and you must click on a link within that message to complete the process. If you do not click the link you will not receive our articles. We use this "double opt-in" method to make sure we are sending emails only to those who request them.

If for any reason you cannot sign up using our standard double opt-in method, please contact Editor@FactCheck.org. However, we will honor requests to be added to our email list ONLY if they are sent from the same email address that you want us to add to our list.

 Click-tracking and email monitoring: When we send our articles and announcements we collect information about which of our email subscribers has opened a message, or clicked on a link contained within the message. This allows us to evaluate how useful our emailed articles are to our subscribers, and which links our subscribers find most interesting. This information is collected for us by our email provider Boot Networks . While we may release aggregate information about numbers of articles opened or numbers of click-throughs for particular links, neither we nor Intellicontact will share specific information about any individual subscriber.

Changing or Removing Your Address:    To change or remove an address use the "manage your subscription" link at the bottom of any of our emailed articles or announcements. (NOTE: Intellicontact's form will ask for your name and other information. Please do NOT enter this information -- we need only your new email address and no other information. At present Intellicontact offers us only this standard form, and we regret any confusion it might cause.)

How We Will (and Won’t) Use the Information Collected: If you sign up to receive e-mailed articles and announcements, we will use your e-mail address only for that purpose or - infrequently - to send you other announcements from the Annenberg Public Policy Center that we think may interest you. We will not make your name, e-mail address, or any other personally identifiable information you provide us, whether as a subscriber to our e-mailed articles and announcements or as a user of this web site, available to outside mailing lists or organizations, unless required by law.

You may remove your email address from our subscription list at any time using the "manage your subscription" link at the bottom of any of our emailed articles or announcements, and we will stop sending. (NOTE: If you use the "delete" option your name will be removed but you WILL be able to re-subscribe at a later date if you wish. If you use the "unsubscribe" option your email address will be removed from our list and also placed on a "block" list that won't allow us to send email to that email address, even if you change your mind and re-subscribe in the future. These are the only options provided by our current email provider Intellicontact.) 

Questions? If you feel that we have failed to live up to our privacy policies, or if you have any other questions or comments, please notify us by e-mailing Editor@FactCheck.org .

We may change this privacy policy from time to time. We will post any changes here, so be sure to check back periodically.

--Last modified Aug. 19, 2005