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MoveOn.org PAC: They've Got the Wrong Guys


The liberal group attacks GOP Senators Warner, Smith, and Brownback for supporting an "escalation" they oppose.

Facts Of The Union


Bush selects his facts carefully to dress up the State of the Union address.

Medicare Hot Air


Can the Democrats' bill bring lower drug prices? Don't count on it.

Bush's Iraq Speech


The President's facts check out, though he leaves out some inconvenient ones.

Campaign Distortions in Texas Runoff


Henry Bonilla tries to link his opponent to "Islamic radicals."

Judicial Campaigns: Beginning to Look a Lot Like Congress


Would-be judges employ big bucks, TV ads and questionable attacks.

Our 2006 Awards


We laughed, we cried. Now that the campaign is over, we recognize some notable ads we didn't examine before.

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