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June 2004

False Ads: There Oughtta Be A Law! Or -- Maybe Not.

By Brooks Jackson

Here's a fact that may surprise you: candidates have a legal right to lie to voters just about as much as they want.

May 2004

Kerry Really Could Produce 10 Million New Jobs. (So Could Bush.)

By Brooks Jackson

Kerry's Promise to create 10-million new jobs is a mathematical possibility. In fact, it's been done in four previous presidential terms. And if it's possible for Kerry, it's equally possible for Bush.

April 2004

Lies in the E-mail, Part 2

By Brooks Jackson

February 2004

Are Candidates Swearing Off 'Attack Ads?' Maybe This Reform is Working.

By Brooks Jackson

The new "Stand By Your Ad" provision requires candidates to take personal responsibility for what's in their TV ads, and it seems to be toning down negative attacks in the 2004 presidential race.

December 2003

Is this a great job, or what?

By Brooks Jackson

De-bunking the hype and distortions in politics: nice work for a journalist