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November 2006

Foley Fallout: Scandal Spawns Ads On Child Predators

11.05.2006 - modified: 11.06.2006

Candidates from both sides don't let facts get in the way of some ads.

The Whoppers Of 2006

11.04.2006 - modified: 11.04.2006

We review the worst deceptions from House and Senate campaigns.

Sweeney No Sweet-Talker In Kitchen-Sink Attack

11.02.2006 - modified: 11.02.2006

From war profiteering to making kids cry, incumbent's charges against Gillibrand don't hold water.

When Democrats Attack

11.02.2006 - modified: 11.02.2006

Ads accuse Republican House members of supporting oil and drug companies - and Bush. We find some factual stumbles.

October 2006

Sopranos Lite? Casting Menendez in a Culture of Corruption

10.31.2006 - modified: 11.02.2006

Republican Kean and NRSC stir doubts, real and invented, about the incumbent

Republican Mudslinging On An Industrial Scale

10.27.2006 - modified: 10.27.2006

The NRCC attack-ad factory grinds out some smears we find to be misleading or false.

Tired Old Trust Fund Bunk

10.25.2006 - modified: 10.25.2006

Democratic ads attack Republicans for voting to "raid the Social Security Trust Fund." That's nonsense.

Hurting the Troops?

10.23.2006 - modified: 10.23.2006

Democrats attack GOP incumbents for voting against funding troops. Some are wrong, others lack context.

Kentucky Mudslinging: Accusations Without Evidence

10.22.2006 - modified: 10.24.2006

GOP Rep. Lewis accuses his opponent of "disgraceful conduct" even though multiple investigations cleared him years ago.

Talent For Deception

10.21.2006 - modified: 10.21.2006

Missouri Sen. Talent's attacks share a simple, misleading strategy: false attribution

'Daisy' Redux

10.20.2006 - modified: 10.20.2006

RNC ad suggests voting for Democrats carries risk of nuclear incineration.

$122 Million Worth Of Hype

10.19.2006 - modified: 10.19.2006

Both sides strain facts about California's most expensive ballot measure in history.

Scaring Seniors on Social Security

10.18.2006 - modified: 10.18.2006

Republicans misleadingly accuse Democratic House candidates of aiming to shrink benefit checks.

A 'Drug Deal' Gone Bad

10.16.2006 - modified: 10.16.2006

Democrats accuse Rep. Clay Shaw of profiting from his Medicare vote, but evidence is flimsy.

Tugging At Heartstrings With Loose Facts

10.14.2006 - modified: 10.16.2006

A mother makes an emotional but misleading accusation against GOP Rep. Nancy Johnson.

Accusations Without Evidence and Moldy Bunk in Virginia

10.13.2006 - modified: 10.13.2006

An Allen campaign ad serves up undocumented charges while a DSCC ad recycles a bogus claim about body armor.

Taxing Times in Ohio Battleground

10.12.2006 - modified: 10.12.2006

GOP wrongly accuses Democrat of reversing her tax stand.

Republican Campaign Theme Debunked: Social Security for Illegal Immigrants

10.10.2006 - modified: 10.11.2006

Twenty-nine ads and counting feature the claim with varying levels of truth and distortion.

Midwestern Mythmaking in Iowa

10.06.2006 - modified: 10.06.2006

In red-hot House race, both sides take shots that bounce out-of-bounds.

Cute Puppy or Red Herring?

10.04.2006 - modified: 10.04.2006

Maryland Republican Michael Steele misleads, equating legal campaign contributions with lobbyist gifts.

Osama Bin Missing: Who's Tried Hardest to Tackle Top Terrorist?

10.03.2006 - modified: 10.03.2006

Clinton interview on Fox News leads to spitting match over which President did most to bring Bin Laden down.

September 2006

A Half-Truth in the Florida 22nd

09.28.2006 - modified: 09.28.2006

Republican Rep. Shaw falsely implies his opponent lied about being a lobbyist

"XXX" Marks the Spot Where Campaign Ads Head South

09.27.2006 - modified: 09.27.2006

Attack ad claims Rep. Miller voted to fund sex research but not body armor.

Casting Credentials Away in the Old Dominion

09.25.2006 - modified: 09.26.2006

Incumbent Sen. underplays challenger's service under Reagan.

False Claims About Body Armor

09.20.2006 - modified: 09.26.2006

A new group falsely accuses Republicans of voting against body armor for troops. Both sides have misled the public about this issue.

Phoning It In: Attack in Indiana by New, Well-Funded Conservative Group

09.19.2006 - modified: 09.19.2006

Conservative group's automated calls tar House candidate with voting to let unsavory material be sold to kids.

Jailhouse Gang?

09.15.2006 - modified: 09.19.2006

Santorum ad misleadingly portrays Casey's "campaign team" as a posse of lawbreakers and suspects, though none actually work for Casey.

Context Goes AWOL in Tennessee

09.14.2006 - modified: 09.14.2006

A Corker ad omits relevant facts in attacking Ford's record on national security.

Distortions in the Desert

09.13.2006 - modified: 09.13.2006

Pederson and Kyl both miss the mark in Arizona Senate campaign shoot-out.

Overreaching in Ohio

09.13.2006 - modified: 09.14.2006

Democratic 527 group attacks a member of the GOP leadership for privately-funded junkets, but relies on old data

Santorum's Family Affair

09.11.2006 - modified: 09.12.2006

The senator puts his children in a TV ad saying opponents "criticized us," but the criticism really was levied at their father.

Volleys of Tax Votes: A September Blizzard in Ohio

09.11.2006 - modified: 09.11.2006

Meaningless math by DeWine and Brown as each picks through the other's voting record

A Misleading Appeal To Fear

09.08.2006 - modified: 09.08.2006

Pro-Bush group misstates key facts about anti-terror campaign.

Hello? Hello?: Democrats Blame Corker for Missed 911 Calls

09.06.2006 - modified: 09.06.2006

A DSCC ad claims Bob Corker's "failures as Mayor" led to 31,000 unanswered emergency calls in Chattanooga.

Big Sugar Sours Florida Governor's Race with Falsehoods

09.01.2006 - modified: 09.05.2006

Outside groups funded by U.S. Sugar mount deceitful attacks on a Democratic primary candidate

August 2006

MoveOn.org: Caught Red-Handed Applying A Double Standard

08.30.2006 - modified: 08.30.2006

The liberal group attacks 3 Republicans for voting for military spending bills, but endorses Democrats who voted the same way.

An Election-Year Virus

08.28.2006 - modified: 08.28.2006

De-bunked again and again, a false e-mail keeps circulating claiming members of Congress don't pay Social Security taxes.

Misquoting Lincoln

08.25.2006 - modified: 08.26.2006

Bush supporters falsely quote Lincoln as advocating arresting, exiling or hanging members of Congress who damage military morale in wartime.

New RNC Web Ad Blurs History

08.22.2006 - modified: 08.25.2006

Another video on homeland security twists Democrats' words and exaggerates "the Republican record."

Club for Growth: Chafing Chafee's Record

08.19.2006 - modified: 08.19.2006

The Club for Growth launches misleading attacks at Sen. Chafee's record on taxes and "wasteful" spending.

Democrats Ask, Do You Feel Safer?

08.18.2006 - modified: 08.18.2006

But a party web video strains some facts about homeland security.

RNC Ad Mischaracterizes Murtha

08.17.2006 - modified: 08.17.2006

Web video edits his remarks. He did NOT say the US is a bigger threat to world peace than North Korea or Iran.

Hillary Clinton's Voting Record Distorted

08.16.2006 - modified: 08.16.2006

Republican challenger John Spencer falsely claims she opposes the Patriot Act, which she voted for twice.

Voting Record Tug-of-War in Montana

08.10.2006 - modified: 08.10.2006

Montana Democrats and Sen. Burns contradict each other. Both are right, up to a point.

Chamber of Commerce: Credit Where It's Not Due

08.03.2006 - modified: 08.03.2006

Ads thanking lawmakers for voting for Medicare Bill include four too many.

Fake News, Nebraska Style

08.02.2006 - modified: 08.04.2006

Senate candidates from both parties stretch credibility in their latest ads.

Flattery Will Get You Nowhere

08.01.2006 - modified: 08.01.2006

An ad in Tennessee quotes FactCheck.org, but we find it to be one-sided and misleading.

July 2006

Devolution in Tennessee

07.28.2006 - modified: 07.28.2006

Distorted charges fly in Republican Senate primary; pay-raise nonsense and tax-cheat silliness.

A Domestic Issue that Hits Home

07.25.2006 - modified: 07.26.2006

Democrats mount a radio campaign highlighting their differences with the GOP on a question of pocketbook fairness.

Distortion and Insinuation in Ohio

07.21.2006 - modified: 07.24.2006

GOP Sen. Mike DeWine fires first, and Democrats return in kind on behalf of challenger Sherrod Brown.

Leaps of Logic in a Nevada Primary

07.14.2006 - modified: 07.14.2006

Two candidates in the Democratic gubernatorial primary stretch to blame each other for entrenched energy and education problems.

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness?

07.13.2006 - modified: 07.18.2006

We find Ralph Reed's TV ads false and misleading, and his opponent's are on target.

A Bumper Sticker Con in Connecticut

07.10.2006 - modified: 07.11.2006

Joe Lieberman's latest ad shows a supposed Lamont bumper sticker and website address that don't really exist.

Down and Dirty in Georgia

07.07.2006 - modified: 07.07.2006

Both candidates for the Democratic slot on the gubernatorial ballot overplay their hands.

June 2006

Misleading Attack in New Jersey Senate Race

06.30.2006 - modified: 06.30.2006

Democrat Bob Menendez inaccurately portrays Republican Tom Kean as "getting around" a law that doesn't even apply to him.

Vultures, Death, Taxes & More Falsehoods

06.26.2006 - modified: 06.26.2006

The Free Enterprise Fund continues a campaign of misinformation against the estate tax.

A False Ad in Georgia

06.23.2006 - modified: 06.27.2006

A Democratic candidate for governor accuses a primary opponent of voting against a popular measure ... before she was even elected to the legislature.

We'll Always Have Paris

06.02.2006 - modified: 06.02.2006

A Paris Hilton impersonator says it would be "awesome" to repeal the estate tax, while an anti-tax group calls the tax "cruel and unfair."

May 2006

Scientist to CEI: You Used My Research To "Confuse and Mislead"

05.26.2006 - modified: 05.30.2006

The Competitive Enterprise Institute runs ads saying "The Antarctic ice sheet is getting thicker." A professor objects, saying CEI deliberately misrepresents his research.

Early Reviews For Campaign 2006 Ads: 'Sleazy,' 'False,' 'Rubbish'

05.23.2006 - modified: 05.23.2006

Both parties are panned for their attack-ad tactics. A preview of October?

Test-marketing the "Amnesty" Issue

05.22.2006 - modified: 05.22.2006

Republican Brian Bilbray accuses Democrat Francine Busby of supporting "amnesty" for illegal aliens. What does that mean?

More California Fact-Twisting

05.17.2006 - modified: 05.18.2006

A new wave of distortions via TV and mail in a "bleak" special House election.

Objection! In Re Santorum, Trial Lawyers Withhold Evidence

05.12.2006 - modified: 05.12.2006

Their ad mischaracterizes a quotation from his book and gives a one-sided description of his obstetrical malpractice bill

Another Misleading Republican Attack In California

05.01.2006 - modified: 05.01.2006

An NRCC ad says Democrat Francine Busby "praised a teacher reported to have child porn," but fails to mention she voted to fire him.

April 2006

Is This A Joke?

04.25.2006 - modified: 05.01.2006

Sen. Russ Feingold's Leadership PAC suggests the White House wants to wiretap political opponents.

DNC's Immigration Ad Is Misleading Too

04.21.2006 - modified: 04.21.2006

Spanish-language ad claims the House bill would "criminalize...churches just for giving communion" to illegal aliens.

RNC Ad Mischaracterizes Democratic Stance On Immigration

04.19.2006 - modified: 04.19.2006

Spanish-language ad says Democrats voted to "treat millions of hardworking immigrants as felons."

Scandal and Corruption in California

04.10.2006 - modified: 04.11.2006

A special House election features distortions on both sides.

Caught "Red-Handed?"

04.05.2006 - modified: 04.27.2006

Controversial $1.3 million ad campaign attacks four Republicans for stance on price-gouging legislation.

Can You Prevent Global Warming?

04.04.2006 - modified: 04.06.2006

The people who brought you Smokey Bear urge citizen action to forestall climate change.

March 2006

RNC Mischaracterizes Feingold's Censure Resolution

03.21.2006 - modified: 03.21.2006

A GOP radio ad falsely characterizes Sen. Feingold's censure resolution as reprimanding the President for pursuing Al Qaeda

Guilt by Association

03.13.2006 - modified: 03.13.2006

A Liberal group accuses evangelist James Dobson of being "knee deep" in the Jack Abramoff scandal, but there's no evidence of a connection.

Faking News in the Illinois Governor Race

03.03.2006 - modified: 03.03.2006

Oberweis uses made-up headlines against a rival in the GOP primary.

February 2006

Swiftly Defending DeLay

02.20.2006 - modified: 02.20.2006

A somewhat misleading pro-DeLay ad is funded by $200,000 from a donor who also bankrolled the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Misstatement of the Union

02.01.2006 - modified: 02.03.2006

The President burnishes the State of the Union through selective facts and strategic omissions.

January 2006

DNC State of the Union Attack

01.31.2006 - modified: 01.31.2006

A DNC TV ad accuses Bush of breaking his word, but it strains some facts in the process.

New Group, Old Habits

01.27.2006 - modified: 01.30.2006

A liberal group re-names itself and launches a $1-million ad campaign making dubious claims.

Defaming DeLay?

01.13.2006 - modified: 01.23.2006

Houston TV stations refuse to run a liberal TV ad accusing DeLay of "corruption" after his lawyer threatens to sue. We look at the facts.

Anti-Alito Ad Uses Selective Quotes

01.10.2006 - modified: 01.23.2006

It cites a study saying Alito ruled to narrow privacy rights. It didn't quote the part saying he's seen as restrained and nonpartisan.

Does Alito Pretend To Be A Moderate?

01.09.2006 - modified: 01.09.2006

We examine a MoveOn.org ad saying he "plays one on TV," and implying he gives misleading answers to "problem" questions.

Dueling Alito Ads

01.05.2006 - modified: 01.21.2006

A liberal ad suggests Alito can't be trusted. A conservative ad says he's admired. We supply context.

December 2005

Polling in Iraq: Who's Right?

12.22.2005 - modified: 12.22.2005

Bush says 70 per cent of Iraqis see their lives going well, but MoveOn.org says most Iraqis want US troops out. Both sides are right, up to a point.

A Tortured History

12.19.2005 - modified: 12.20.2005

The President says "We do not torture." We look at what has surfaced so far.

RNC Web Ad: Are Democrats Waving White Flag In Iraq?

12.12.2005 - modified: 12.13.2005

Controversial ad implies Dean, Boxer & Kerry advocate “retreat and defeat.” We supply background.

Democratic Radio Ads Can Stand Clarification

12.06.2005 - modified: 12.06.2005

Three Ohio House members labeled as "Rubberstamp Republicans" for Bush.

November 2005

Liberal Ad Against Alito: True As Far As It Goes

11.21.2005 - modified: 11.21.2005

We supply background that's missing from the 30-second spot.

Iraq: What Did Congress Know, And When?

11.18.2005 - modified: 11.19.2005

Bush says Congress had the same (faulty) intelligence he did. Howard Dean says intelligence was "corrupted." We give facts.

Ad Pushes Digital TV - But Doesn't Tell The Whole Story

11.14.2005 - modified: 11.15.2005

It claims conversion to all-digital is a “win-win.” Actually, there could be 21 million losers, and taxpayers could pay billions in subsidies

October 2005

California: Drug Company Half-Truths

10.28.2005 - modified: 10.28.2005

The industry wages an $80-million campaign against a California ballot measure to require discounts on prescriptions for middle-income patients.

Taxing The Truth In New Jersey Ad War

10.24.2005 - modified: 10.25.2005

Forrester says 15 votes were for "higher taxes." Corzine says the same 15 votes were "to lower taxes."

No Death Penalty For Hitler? GOP Ad Goes Too Far.

10.19.2005 - modified: 11.09.2005

The Republican candidate for Virginia governor claims his opponent "says that Adolf Hitler doesn't qualify for the death penalty." But that's not what the Democrat said.

We Need A Fence?

10.19.2005 - modified: 10.20.2005

TV ads say "easy immigration from Mexico" provides cover for terrorists. But the 9/11 hijackers had visas. And what about Canada?

RNC's False Email

10.03.2005 - modified: 10.04.2005

Mehlman claims,"Before Ms. Miers was even announced many Democrat groups said they would oppose her." Actually, none did.

September 2005

Anti-war Ad Says Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Rice "Lied" About Iraq

09.26.2005 - modified: 09.26.2005

We find some subtle word-twisting, and place the claims in context.

Katrina: What Happened When

09.16.2005 - modified: 10.05.2005

It will take months to get the full story, but meanwhile here are some of the key facts about what happened and when officials acted.

Is Bush to Blame for New Orleans Flooding?

09.02.2005 - modified: 09.04.2005

He did slash funding for levee projects. But the Army Corps of Engineers says Katrina was just too strong.

August 2005

A Half-true Attack on McCain

08.31.2005 - modified: 08.31.2005

The anti-tax Club for Growth runs an ad in New Hampshire claiming McCain would “keep the death tax.” Actually, McCain favors a big reduction.

NARAL Round 2: No Distortion Here

08.26.2005 - modified: 08.26.2005

The abortion-rights group’s latest ad takes issue with Judge Roberts on whether the Constitution contains a right to privacy.

NARAL Falsely Accuses Supreme Court Nominee Roberts

08.09.2005 - modified: 08.18.2005

Attack ad says he supported an abortion-clinic bomber and excused violence. In fact, Roberts called clinic bombers "criminals" who should be prosecuted fully.

Here We Go Again: Distorted TV Ads For Campaign 2006

08.03.2005 - modified: 08.16.2005

The Republican party attacks Sen. Byrd and he responds. Both use misleading material.

July 2005

The Wilson-Plame-Novak-Rove Blame Game

07.22.2005 - modified: 07.22.2005

Both sides twist and hype the case of a CIA agent's leaked identity. We document what’s known so far.

Abortion Distortions

07.18.2005 - modified: 08.22.2005

Senators from both sides make false claims about Roe v. Wade.

A $100 Million Court Fight?

07.05.2005 - modified: 07.06.2005

Groups launch new ads only hours after Supreme Court vacancy announced. Each side portrays the other as extreme, even before a nominee is named.

June 2005

Bush's Iraq Speech: Long On Assertion, Short On Facts

06.30.2005 - modified: 06.30.2005

Bush says "progress is uneven" in Iraq, but accentuates positive evidence and mostly ignores the negative.

A Premature Attack

06.23.2005 - modified: 06.23.2005

Pro-Bush group's ad faults Democrats for criticisms they haven't yet made, about a Supreme Court nominee who hasn't been named, to a vacancy that doesn't yet exist.

Kerry's PAC Touts Health Insurance For All Kids

06.20.2005 - modified: 06.20.2005

The ad is accurate. But it leaves out details on how Kerry would pay for his proposal, and what it might cost.

Important Notice to FactCheck.org Subscribers

06.14.2005 - modified: 06.15.2005

We are upgrading our email service to subscribers immediately to give you faster, more reliable delivery. But a few of you may need to re-subscribe to continue receiving our articles.

Estate Tax Malarkey

06.06.2005 - modified: 06.07.2005

Misleading ads exaggerate what the tax costs farmers, small businesses and "your family."

May 2005

The Biography of a Bad Statistic

05.25.2005 - modified: 07.06.2005

Abortions rising under Bush? Not true. How that false claim came to be -and lives on.

Asbestos Lawsuits: Which Republican is Misleading?

05.18.2005 - modified: 05.19.2005

Sen. Specter attacks former House Republican Leader Armey as "just another paid lobbyist spreading disinformation" about his asbestos bill. Neither is telling the real story.

Judicial Fight Prompts Duelling, Distorted Ads

05.10.2005 - modified: 06.14.2005

Both sides twist facts about Janice Rogers Brown and Priscilla Owen.

Are Democrats Causing Delays in Court?

05.05.2005 - modified: 05.06.2005

Contrary to a pro-Bush TV ad, Republicans share the blame for "empty courtrooms," and delays are shorter now than they were before Bush.

April 2005

Bush Proposes Slowing Growth of Social Security Benefits for Future Retirees

04.29.2005 - modified: 04.29.2005

Democrats call it a "cut." Compared to what?

Insurance Industry Ad Makes Fishy Claim About Lawyers

04.19.2005 - modified: 04.26.2005

Lobby groups fight like animals over health care costs - implausible statistics vs. fact-free sterotypes.

A Rigged "Calculator"

04.12.2005 - modified: 04.12.2005

Democrats harness false assumptions to generate projections that individual Social Security accounts would be losers.

March 2005

A Fictional View of the Filibuster

03.31.2005 - modified: 04.04.2005

Liberal group’s ad features movie hero Jimmy Stewart. But historic reality was often ugly.

AARP Claims Bush's Plan Is A Homewrecker

03.21.2005 - modified: 03.22.2005

The group's latest TV ad passes off Social Security's problems as minor; claims Bush's solution would demolish the program.

Recycled Exaggerations: Local Ads Pressure Congress In Home States

03.18.2005 - modified: 03.21.2005

A conservative group again overstates the Social Security shortfall, and attacks Democrats for doing nothing.

Pro-Bush Group Overstates Social Security Shortfall

03.11.2005 - modified: 03.11.2005

Progress for America says Social Security will sink like the Titanic, a big exaggeration.

AARP Says Social Security Needs "Moderate" Changes

03.08.2005 - modified: 03.08.2005

We explore just how "moderate" these reforms are, and what exactly they do to solve the system's long-term deficit.

False Attacks Over "Windfalls" to Wall Street

03.03.2005 - modified: 03.06.2005

We find that brokers netted only 16 cents in fees to manage a $10,000 retirement account under the federal retirement system on which Bush is modeling his private Social Security accounts.

February 2005

Bush's State of the Union: Social Security "Bankruptcy?"

02.03.2005 - modified: 02.04.2005

That term could give the wrong idea. Bush also makes private accounts sound like a sure thing, which they are not.

MoveOn.org Social Security Ad

02.01.2005 - modified: 02.03.2005

Liberal group's ad falsely claims Bush plan would cut benefits 46 percent.

January 2005

Does Social Security Really Face an $11 Trillion Deficit?

01.20.2005 - modified: 01.20.2005

Bush and Cheney say yes. But actuaries say the figure is "likely to mislead" the public on the system's true financial state.

Social Security Ads: Risk or Protection?

01.15.2005 - modified: 02.24.2005

Pro-Bush group's first TV ad states the problem correctly. But the AARP uses a misleading photo.

November 2004

FactCheck Subscribers Find Us Clear, Unbiased, Reliable and Useful

11.23.2004 - modified: 11.23.2004

More than 21,000 respond to our survey. A very few say we tilt left. Even fewer say we tilt right.

*NOTICE: FactCheck.org Will Continue After Election*

11.02.2004 - modified: 11.02.2004

Our post-election plans: Regroup, redesign, refocus. We'll improve our coverage for 2005 and beyond.

October 2004

The Whoppers of 2004

10.31.2004 - modified: 10.31.2004

Bush and Kerry repeat discredited claims in their final flurry of ads. Here's our pre-election summary of the misinformation we found during the Bush-Kerry presidential campaign.

NRA Ad Falsely Accuses Kerry

10.28.2004 - modified: 10.28.2004

It says he's sponsoring a proposal to ban "every pump shotgun" and voted "to ban der-hunting ammunition." Don't believe either claim.

Kerry and Bush Mislead Voters With Promises of Energy Independence

10.27.2004 - modified: 10.27.2004

Experts say both men's proposals are a far cry from achieving freedom from oil imports.

Media Fund Twists the Truth More Than Michael Moore

10.27.2004 - modified: 10.27.2004

Radio ad claims most air traffic was grounded when bin Laden's family was allowed to leave. Not true. In fact, the FBI questioned 22 of them and found no links to terrorism.

Would Kerry Throw Us To The Wolves?

10.23.2004 - modified: 10.23.2004

A misleading Bush ad criticizes Kerry for proposing to cut intelligence spending -- a decade ago, by 4%, when some Republicans also proposed cuts.

An Avalanche of Misinformation

10.21.2004 - modified: 10.21.2004

Both sides run lots of new ads with plenty of distortions, new and recycled.

$8 Million Worth Of Distortions

10.21.2004 - modified: 10.21.2004

Two Bush ads full of misleading and false statements ran more than 9,000 times in 45 cities last week.

How Liberal is John Kerry?

10.19.2004 - modified: 10.19.2004

A new RNC ad claims Kerry is "the most liberal man in the Senate." Actually, his lifetime rating is 11th or lower, depending.

Kerry Falsely Claims Bush Plans To Cut Social Security Benefits

10.18.2004 - modified: 10.18.2004

It's not Bush's plan, and it wouldn't cut benefits.

Just How Many Bills Has Kerry Passed?

10.15.2004 - modified: 10.16.2004

Bush said Kerry passed five bills. Kerry said he's passed 56. Who's right? That depends on the definition of "passed" and "bills."

New And Recycled Distortions At Final Presidential Debate

10.14.2004 - modified: 10.14.2004

Bush claims most of his tax cuts went to low- and middle-income persons. Kerry says Pell Grants were cut. Don't believe either.

Kerry's Tax Ad: Literally Accurate, But Misleading

10.13.2004 - modified: 10.13.2004

His ad says "the middle class is paying a bigger share of America's tax burden." True. But it's a smaller burden all around. And the richest still pay the most.

Pro-Bush Puffery on Economy, Medicare

10.12.2004 - modified: 11.06.2004

New ad claims Bush inherited an economy "already in recession" and that 41 million seniors "now have access to lower cost prescriptions." Wrong on both counts.

Distortions Galore at Second Presidential Debate

10.09.2004 - modified: 10.11.2004

Examples: Bush forgets he owns a tree-growing company. Kerry again inflates job-loss figures.

Cheney & Edwards Mangle Facts

10.06.2004 - modified: 10.11.2004

Getting it wrong about combat pay, Halliburton, and FactCheck.org

Bush Mischaracterizes Kerry's Health Plan

10.04.2004 - modified: 10.07.2004

Bush claims Kerry's plan puts "bureaucrats in control" of medical decisions, "not you, not your doctor." But experts don't agree with that.

Distortions and Misstatements At First Presidential Debate

10.01.2004 - modified: 10.01.2004

Bush and Kerry both have problems with the facts at their meeting in Coral Gables

September 2004

Kerry Ad Falsely Accuses Cheney on Halliburton

09.30.2004 - modified: 10.07.2004

Contrary to this ad's message, Cheney doesn't gain financially from the contracts given to the company he once headed.

Bush Ad Twists Kerry's Words on Iraq

09.27.2004 - modified: 09.28.2004

Selective use of Kerry's own words makes him look inconsistent on Iraq. A closer look gives a different picture.

The "Willie Horton" Ad Of 2004?

09.28.2004 - modified: 09.28.2004

Republican group's ad shows Osama, Kerry. It appeals to fear, and twists Kerry's record on defense, intelligence, Iraq.

GOP Website Uses Misleading Kerry Quote On Abortion

09.24.2004 - modified: 09.24.2004

When Kerry said abortions should be moved "into the mainstream of medical practice," he was talking about safer locations, not more frequent abortions.

Are Bush and Cheney "Small Businesses?" Their Ad Counts Them As Such

09.23.2004 - modified: 10.01.2004

A Bush-Cheney ad says Kerry would raise taxes for 900,000 "small businesses" and "hurt jobs." It's a big exaggeration.

ACLU Ad On "Sneak-and-Peek" Searches: Overblown

09.21.2004 - modified: 09.22.2004

It's true that the PATRIOT Act allows federal authorities to search without immediately notifying the subject. But rarely, and not without a warrant.

Misinforming Voters From The Stump

09.17.2004 - modified: 09.17.2004

Bush and Kerry both pepper their standard political speeches with misleading claims.

Kerry & Bush Duel Over Medicare Premiums - Who's To Blame or The 17% Increase?

09.16.2004 - modified: 09.16.2004

Bush falsely claims Kerry voted repeatedly to raise premiums. Kerry's spot blaming Bush alone for the latest increase isn't much better.

A False Ad About Assault Weapons

09.14.2004 - modified: 09.27.2004

A new Moveon PAC ad implies machine-guns are becoming legal, which isn't true. And it blames Bush, even though Bush said he would have extended the ban on assault weapons.

Kerry Exaggerates Cost of War in Iraq

09.13.2004 - modified: 09.23.2004

He claims Iraq has cost "$200 billion and counting." Not yet, it hasn't.

Democratic Group's Ad Revives "AWOL" Allegation Against Bush

09.08.2004 - modified: 09.10.2004

"Texans for Truth" group features another Alabama Guardsman who doesn't recall seeing Bush in 1972.

Zell Miller's Attack on Kerry: A Little Out Of Date

09.03.2004 - modified: 10.04.2004

Miller slams Kerry for opposing bombers, fighters, and helicopters. That WAS true – 20 years ago – but not lately.

Update on Kerry's "Shrinking Middle Class" -- Still Shrinking in 2003

09.01.2004 - modified: 09.01.2004

We said his claim was based on stale numbers. Now some fresh statistics support what he said.

August 2004

Bush Still Fudging the Numbers on Kerry's Tax Votes

08.30.2004 - modified: 09.17.2004

Ad claims Kerry cast "98 votes" to raise taxes, but the total is misleading.

DNC Radio Ad on Terrorism: Accurate (Mostly)

08.27.2004 - modified: 09.02.2004

Democratic ad reminds voters: Bush opposed creating the Homeland Security department before he supported it.

Yucca Mountain Mudslide: Both Sides Dissemble on Nuclear Waste Dump in Nevada

08.25.2004 - modified: 08.25.2004

Moveon.org Voter Fund falsely attacks Bush, who comes back with a misleading ad about Kerry.

Swift Boat Veterans Anti-Kerry Ad: "He Betrayed Us" With 1971 Anti-War Testimony

08.23.2004 - modified: 11.08.2004

Group quotes Kerry's descriptions of atrocities by US forces. In fact, atrocities did happen.

Radio Ads Accuse Kerry Of Not Helping Blacks

08.18.2004 - modified: 08.19.2004

Group supported by a rich, white Republican says Kerry is "rich, white, and wishy washy."

Bush Nails Kerry's Poor Attendance at Intelligence Committee Hearings

08.17.2004 - modified: 08.25.2004

Bush says Kerry missed 76% of public hearings. He could have missed even more.

DNC Ad Says Bush Lost Manufacturing Jobs

08.11.2004 - modified: 08.11.2004

But even Clinton lost manufacturing jobs in his second term. Economists say changing the tax code won't do much to help.

Media Fund Ad Misquotes Bush

08.11.2004 - modified: 08.14.2004

Pro-Kerry group's ad claims "Bush says he's going to help companies outsource jobs." But Bush never said that.

Republican-funded Group Attacks Kerry's War Record

08.06.2004 - modified: 08.22.2004

Ad features vets who claim Kerry "lied" to get Vietnam medals. But other witnesses disagree -- and so do Navy records.

Internet "Whispering Campaigns" Falsely Accuse Teresa Heinz Kerry

08.04.2004 - modified: 08.12.2004

Bogus e-mail messages claim she's given millions to "radical" groups, some linked to terrorists, and located Heinz factories overseas. Both claims are false.

Kerry's Dubious Economics

08.03.2004 - modified: 09.01.2004

He says new jobs are paying $9,000 less than the old ones. That's not a fact.

July 2004

Anti-Kerry Ad Highlights Changes On Welfare, Death Penalty

07.29.2004 - modified: 07.29.2004

Club for Growth PAC ad also recycles some misleading tax claims we've de-bunked before.

Kerry Blames Corporate Tax Code for Shipping Jobs Overseas

07.28.2004 - modified: 07.28.2004

But economists say "outsourcing" jobs overseas is a minor problem that Kerry's plan wouldn't do much to fix.

Bush's "16 Words" on Iraq & Uranium: He May Have Been Wrong But He Wasn't Lying

07.26.2004 - modified: 08.23.2004

Two intelligence investigations show Bush had plenty of reason to believe what he said in his 2003 State of the Union Address.

Bush Ad Faults Kerry's "Family Priorities"

07.20.2004 - modified: 08.10.2004

It highlights stark differences between the two on teenage abortions and morning-after birth control pills in schools.

MoveOn PAC Internet Ad: Creative Editing

07.15.2004 - modified: 07.15.2004

Reality is one thing, and what political ads make of it is another. This ad pitting Cheney's words against Edwards' is a case in point.

Radio Ad Attacks Nader Over GOP Support

07.14.2004 - modified: 08.10.2004

Group run by Democrats says "right-wing Republicans" an "extremists" aid Nader to help Bush. Characterizations aside, they've got a point.

Bush Ad Claims Kerry Voted Against "Protections for Pregnant Women"

07.12.2004 - modified: 07.12.2004

It's a misleading ad. What Kerry really voted against was the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act."

Economy Producing Mostly Bad Jobs? Not so fast.

07.09.2004 - modified: 08.30.2004

A new set of figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show HIGHER-paying jobs growing faster. A FactCheck.org exclusive. (But there's evidence on both sides).

Small Kerry Boast Brings Big Bush Attack

07.07.2004 - modified: 07.16.2004

Kerry's "strategy to win the war on terror" is puffery; Bush's response is much ado about ten words.

New Bush Ad Features McCain Endorsement

07.05.2004 - modified: 07.06.2004

It's a fact McCain endorsed Bush. It's also a fact he criticized Bush's war performance.

Anti-Kerry Ad Misses Context, Distorts Facts

07.01.2004 - modified: 07.01.2004

Pro-Bush group repeats misleading attacks on Kerry's defense record.

June 2004

Kerry "Paperwork" Ad: Accurate

06.24.2004 - modified: 06.24.2004

Kerry ad says medical paperwork costs hundreds of billions and his plan could save money. He's right. But what about the expense?

Bush Contradicted On Iraq & al Qaeda? Or not?

06.22.2004 - modified: 09.10.2004

Even the 9-11 comissioners don't agree about whether their staff contradicted the Bush administration.

Anti-Bush Ad Overstates Case Against Halliburton

06.18.2004 - modified: 06.28.2004

Moveon Pac ad says administration gave contracts "on a silver platter," but government investigators say otherwise.

Draft Fears Fueled by Inaccurate E-mails

06.15.2004 - modified: 09.29.2004

A scare story spreads electronically, but it gets facts wrong.

Bush Ad Claims His Tax Cuts Exceed Reagan's

06.08.2004 - modified: 06.08.2004

It says his cuts are "the largest tax relief in history." Some experts disagree.

Kerry Health Care Ad: Exaggerated, But Mostly on Target

06.04.2004 - modified: 06.04.2004

He says 43 million don't have "health care." He means they don't have insurance.

Kerry Stays Positive, Avoids Specifics

06.01.2004 - modified: 06.01.2004

His latest ad is all generalities, no facts.

May 2004

Bush Ad Falsely Implies Kerry Would Repeal Wiretaps of Terrorists

05.25.2004 - modified: 06.01.2004

In reality, Kerry favors some of the same "safeguards" as several conservative Republicans.

Bush Ad "Doublespeak" Leaves Out Some Context

05.24.2004 - modified: 05.24.2004

It quotes negative comments from newspapers, but doesn't mention that they are editorial expressions of opinion.

Environmental Group's Ad Distorts Bush's Record on Florida Drilling

05.21.2004 - modified: 05.30.2004

It says he "opened up Florida's coast" to offshore oil and gas wells. That's off base -- by 100 miles.

Twisted Facts and Falsehoods in Media Fund Ad

05.14.2004 - modified: 05.24.2004

Democratic group's ad claims Bush turned White House into "corporate headquarters," but backs that up with false claims.

Bush Education Ad: Going Positive, Selectively

05.12.2004 - modified: 05.12.2004

Bush ad claims "dramatic results" in Texas schools, but fails to mention data-manipulation scandal.

Kerry's Positive Ads: Selective Facts, Subtle Digs & Some Puffery

05.03.2004 - modified: 05.03.2004

Over the top: Kerry's boast that his vote "created 20 million new jobs."

April 2004

More Bush Distortions of Kerry Defense Record

04.26.2004 - modified: 04.30.2004

Latest barrage of ads repeats misleading claims that Kerry "repeatedly opposed" mainstream weapons.

Kerry Ad on Abortion: Fuzzy Math

04.24.2004 - modified: 04.24.2004

Kerry claims the Supreme Court is "just one vote away" from overturning abortion rights for women. Make that TWO votes.

Treasury Tax Expert to Bush: Clinton's Increase WASN'T The Biggest.

04.16.2004 - modified: 04.16.2004

Study published by Bush's Treasury Department contradicts Bush's campaign.

Kerry's "Misery Index" Accentuates the Negative

04.12.2004 - modified: 04.13.2004

Kerry invents a new "Misery Index." The old one makes Bush's tenure look better than most.

Bush Ad Is "Troubling" Indeed

04.07.2004 - modified: 04.07.2004

The President's ad recycles bogus claims, then tells only part of the story about Kerry's position ontax breaks for couples and children.

Outsourcing jobs: The PRESIDENT Said That?

04.03.2004 - modified: 04.03.2004

Kerry ad puts words in Bush's mouth that Bush never uttered.

March 2004

Bush's Gas Attack: Does Good Policy Make Bad Politics?

03.30.2004 - modified: 03.30.2004

Kerry once voiced support for a 50-cent increase in the gasoline tax. Bush calls that "wacky," but Bush's chief economist praised the idea.

Taxing Social Security & Gasoline: Bush Attack Lacks Context

03.26.2004 - modified: 09.08.2004

Kerry supported an increased tax on Social Security benefits, but he also supported a repeal and Bush didn't.

Democratic Internet Ad Confuses Fiction and Fact

03.24.2004 - modified: 03.30.2004

Animated cartoon claims Bush cuts education funding, but it's really up 58%.

Bush accuses Kerry of 350 votes for "higher taxes" Higher than what?

03.23.2004 - modified: 03.24.2004

Bush campaign falsely accuses Kerry of voting 350 times for tax increases. Bush's own words mislead reporters.

Did Kerry Vote "No" on Body Armor for Troops?

03.16.2004 - modified: 03.18.2004

Yes, along with $87 billion worth of other things. But Bush didn't send enough in the first place.

Bush Strains Facts Re: Kerry's Plan To Cut Intelligence Funding in '90's

03.15.2004 - modified: 03.15.2004

President claims 1995 Kerry plan would "gut" the intelligence services. It was a 1% cut, and key Republicans approved something similar.

Bush Says Kerry Will Raise Taxes $900 Billion; Kerry Says That's False

03.11.2004 - modified: 03.12.2004

Attack ad revives question of whether Kerry's numbers add up.

Conservative Group Engages in Class Warfare Vs. Kerry

03.10.2004 - modified: 03.10.2004

Citizens United TV ad calls Kerry a "rich, liberal elitist." But Bush is rich, too. So was George Washington.

Would Bush Eliminate Overtime Pay for 8 Million?

03.05.2004 - modified: 03.05.2004

A TV ad from an anti-Bush group says so. But it's based on a study that actually says something different.

Bush's Re-Election Campaign Begins on a Positive Note

03.03.2004 - modified: 03.04.2004

His first three TV ads are downright bland, with lots of generalities and few facts for us to check.

Kerry's Attack Video Misleads on Veterans, Jobs

03.01.2004 - modified: 03.03.2004

Campaign says Internet ad is to "set the record straight." But it contains some distortions.

February 2004

Biggest Deficit in History? Yes and No

02.27.2004 - modified: 02.27.2004

Half a trillion dollars is the most ever, but several others have been worse relative to the size of the economy.

Did Kerry Oppose Tanks & Planes? Not Lately

02.26.2004 - modified: 02.26.2004

Kerry voted often against nuclear missiles and bombers in the '90s, but GOP claims that he opposed a long list of conventional weapons are overblown.

Here We Go Again: Bush Exaggerates Tax Cuts

02.20.2004 - modified: 02.20.2004

The President can't keep his figures straight. And most people are getting less than he implies.

Funding for Veterans up 27%, But Democrats Call It A Cut

02.18.2004 - modified: 02.18.2004

Money for Veterans goes up faster under Bush than under Clinton, yet Kerry accuses Bush of an unpatriotic breach of faith.

Bush's Misleading Attack Video

02.13.2004 - modified: 02.17.2004

Internet attack ad says Kerry got most "special interest money" of any senator. He didn't. And Bush got lots more.

New Evidence Supports Bush Military Service (Mostly)

02.11.2004 - modified: 02.15.2004

Newly released records reflect payments and credits for Air National Guard service meeting minimum requirements, despite a six-month gap.

Defending Spending? Bush's Blooper

02.09.2004 - modified: 02.23.2004

The President wrongly claimed he cut the growth of discretionary spending. Reality: the growth rate multiplied.

Oops! Clark Falsely Accuses Kerry & Edwards on Taxes

02.05.2004 - modified: 02.05.2004

The General says he can't understand why they voted for Bush tax cuts. Well, they didn't.

January 2004

Kerry Exaggerates Role in Some Key Legislative Battles

01.30.2004 - modified: 01.30.2004

He says he "led the fight" on several fronts, but few bills bear his name.

President Uses Dubious Statistics on Costs of Malpractice Lawsuits

01.29.2004 - modified: 01.29.2004

Two Congressional agencies dispute findings that caps on damage awards produce big savings in medical costs.

Bush A Military "Deserter?" Calm Down, Michael

01.23.2004 - modified: 02.11.2004

Clark backer Michael Moore calls President Bush a "deserter" for missing Air National Guard drills 31 years ago. Puh-lease!

RNC's Gillespie Gets It Wrong on Clark and Iraq

01.22.2004 - modified: 01.22.2004

He claims Clark's House testimony in 2002 shows he supported military action, but Richard Perle was there and he didn't think so.

What Bush Left Unsaid in State of the Union Address

01.20.2004 - modified: 01.21.2004

Forget Weapons of Mass Destruction. Now its "weapons of mass destruction-related program activities."

Gephardt Ad Quotes Dean Out of Context

01.15.2004 - modified: 01.15.2004

Tough attack twists Dean's words about Medicare

Was Wesley Clark a Republican?

01.14.2004 - modified: 01.14.2004

He registered as an independent, says he voted for Nixon and Reagan, then for Clinton and Gore, later praised Bush but now criticizes him.

Even Opponents Call Iowa Anti-immigration Ad Factually Accurate

01.12.2004 - modified: 01.12.2004

"Borderline racist" ad is based on a decade-old study. "An evil soul producing holy witness?"

Is Bush Abusing Seniors with Medicare Rx Benefit?

01.09.2004 - modified: 01.09.2004

A liberal group's ad gets a couple facts right, but leaves out the good stuff.

Fibs and Flubs at Democratic Debate

01.05.2004 - modified: 01.13.2004

Straining the Facts at Iowa's debate on Sunday Jan. 4

December 2003

Gephardt 'Enron' Attack Misses the Mark

12.22.2003 - modified: 12.22.2003

He claims Dean aided Enron at the expense of Vermont's needy. But Enron got nothing special, and the state GAINED revenue.

Republican Economist Asks "Retraction" – But Our Facts Stand

12.22.2003 - modified: 12.23.2003

Official statistics still show most US families lost income in 2002 even after taxes, despite misleading GOP claim to contrary.

Puncturing a Republican Tax Fable

12.19.2003 - modified: 12.19.2003

GOP fact-twisters claim 80% of the tax relief given to the rich goes to job-creating small businesses. Don't believe it.

Facts Take a Bath at Democratic Debate

12.10.2003 - modified: 12.10.2003

Democratic candidates still getting some facts wrong about the economy, taxes -- and now, personal hygiene

Liberal Group Attacks Dean on Gun Control

12.08.2003 - modified: 12.09.2003

But Dean's position has shifted some since the National Rifle Association endorsed him

Attack ad by anti-tax group too close for Dean's comfort

12.06.2003 - modified: 12.30.2003

Dean calls the ad "false," but Club for Growth TV ad -- saying he's called for a big tax increase -- is mostly right

Census Says Income is Down, but Some Republicans Claim it's Up

12.05.2003 - modified: 12.22.2003

Did the Bush tax cuts make up for income lost to the recession? No - but watch out for Republicans who claim it did

George Bush As Herbert Hoover? Oh Come On!

12.05.2003 - modified: 01.13.2004

Liberal ad pushes a Democratic theme: exaggerate the severity of the economic downturn

RNC Fails to Document Ad's Claim

12.05.2003 - modified: 12.10.2003

Says Dems attack Bush "For Attacking the Terrorists," but can't cite a single example

Edwards Ad Stretches Truth with Claim About Multimillionaires' Taxes

12.05.2003 - modified: 12.09.2003

Do they really pay a lower tax rate than teachers or cops? Hardly ever

Dean Wrong on Bush Tax Cut

12.04.2003 - modified: 12.05.2003

He falsely claimed most middle-class people got no cut

Clark Waffles on Iraq War

12.04.2003 - modified: 01.19.2004

General Clark says he's been "very, very clear" about opposing the U.S. war with Iraq, but earlier statements show otherwise

Kerry Makes Bogus Comparison to Great Depression

12.04.2003 - modified: 12.05.2003

He claims US suffers greatest job loss since the 30's, which is not true

Gephardt TV Ad Misleads on Job Loss

12.04.2003 - modified: 01.18.2004

A Gephardt ad in Iowa says "George Bush has lost more jobs since any President since Herbert Hoover." That's not exactly true

Dean TV Ad: Rewriting His Own History

12.03.2003 - modified: 01.17.2004

His ad says he's against $87 billion for Iraq - but in September he said "we have no choice" but to approve it

Edwards Ad Falsely Claims Taxes Have Increased

12.02.2003 - modified: 12.09.2003

His ad says "Millionaires' taxes keep going down while yours go up." But in fact, federal income taxes have gone down for everybody who paid any